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Holly Norton

About Me

Hi I’m Holly. Some of you may recognise me as Brummy Holly that was crew for nearly 15 years. My career started at Thomas Cook out of BHX, then I moved to MAN and became a Pink with First Choice, and then we merged and became the Beige that was Thomson Airways. After years of seasonal I took the leap to becoming a Red permanently at Virgin for 8 years. I loved my time in aviation and after 8 years as crew, I left aviation and went on to set up a recruitment company with my dad, an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. Some of you may know me as I helped place some of you amazing people, into roles during Covid within the Nightingales, (one of my proudest achievements since starting my business).

Now here I am years later and very proudly and excitedly taking the role of Head of Recruitment for NotJustCrew. I have helped mentor the next generation of crew coming through the interview process. I love nothing more than inspiring new recruits and telling the tales of my old crew life (don’t worry I’ve not named and shamed anyone; your secrets are all safe with me).

I’m excited and grateful that Simon and Trevor are letting me join the NotJustCrew family. I would love any suggestions from people of any topics you may want me to cover within recruitment as not only will I be hopefully bringing you roles for your next chapter, but I would love to help the community get the roles that they truly want (from a recruiter, inside perspective).

If anyone is currently working in Companies that are struggling with recruitment and you just know they would love crew give me a shout. I’ve always said once your crew you’re always crew and you will always want to naturally help your fellow crew out.

Great Opportunities and More Await

Not Just Crew Recruitment Services offer our expertise and experience in Aviation to potentially gain you a career as Cabin Crew/Pilots/Ground Services/Hospitality/Events/Casual Work/Healthcare, alongside many alternative career pathways.

Our list of adventures include (but are not limited to) the following:

Our Pricing

  • Singular salaried roles to 39k – 10%
  • Singular salaried roles £39.001 to 65k – 12%
  • Singular salaried role over 65k – 15%
  • Volumed roles between 4-10 heads £500 per head
  • Volumed roles between 11-20 heads £550 per head
  • Volumed roles between 21-30 heads £600 per head
  • We can uplift your CV for Future Roles – 15 minute screening, £20 per head

Bespoke Package deals available on request

Our NJC Recruitment Department will deliver a first class service with the sole purpose to provide you with the best in the business from the world of aviaton and hospitality.

We are Not Just Crew Recruitment and aim to Inspire Encourage and Support

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